Remote Assistance


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WHAT WE DO | We provide companies with either part time or full time remote employees. Our employees are highly skilled (many possess college degrees) professionals who are capable of doing anything a domestic employee can do from a computer. Here are some of the examples of tasks our employees do for property management companies across the country:

  • Answer all calls that come into the main phone number of the company

  • Tackle escalated customer service issues

  • Managing property owner inquiries

  • Help property budgets

  • Answering questions about the operations

  • Coordinating repair and turnover issues

  • Financial assistance

  • Accounting

  • Bookkeeping – data entry of bills (coding and property assignment)

  • Reconciling

  • Leasing calls, lease questions

  • Maintenance logistics / troubleshooting / creating service issues

  • Establishing budgets and getting approvals

  • Vendor/employee follow up

  • Dispatching

  • Move in surveys, move out surveys, maintenance surveys

  • Facebook marketing, video editing, apartment marketing

  • Utility verification

  • Collections calls

  • Scheduling and coordinating business development meetings

  • Calling leads back, and cold calling title companies, mortgage companies and realtors for leads

Of course not everyone has the same skills and experience so based on a detailed job description Rent Response is happy to find the right person for you based on your needs. We can find people with backgrounds in marketing, customer service, accounting, and we even have a few professors on the team.

Our goal is to source employees that our clients will highly value, and develop as they would any domestic employee.

Our staff in Mexico have the same goals and ambitions as any domestic teammate, and so we are interested in providing growing and challenging career opportunities to them. We want to help them witness their full potential at work.

The cost of this service ranges from $7 to $12 an hour depending on the skill set you are looking for.

HISTORY | Our venture in the world of remote assistants began in 2008 out of friendship.The great recession hit that year and while things were falling apart here at home they were just as bad, if not worst in Mexico.

Jeremy lived in Mexico in the late 1990’s and early 2000s. An old friend and past colleague from his days working there called him up and was wondering if we had any work from home opportunities for her. Two weeks later she started answering our property management company’s incoming calls from her home via a VOIP phone. It worked out great. We got to help a friend out, and we were able to provide a better customer service experience for our owners and tenants. After that we started hiring her friends for other positions as we were growing and expanding and this allowed us to expand at a faster pace and create more jobs and opportunities here at home.

Then in 2015 our friends who own a property management company in Denver asked if we could find someone to help them with some of their business needs. We recruited through our network and found the perfect person to fit their company culture. They were so happy with the service that they ended up hiring even more professionals from us which enabled them to grow at breakneck speed without sacrificing quality.

We loved watching our friend’s business boom and wanted to help more businesses in our field. In June of 2016 Gwenn spent a weekend at the local Marriott and created the initial processes and procedures for the parent company Anequim. From there we began offering our services to other friends in the business. We are passionate about not only helping our clients grow and advance at speeds they never thought poss.