Emergency Call Center


Video | http://vimeo.com/239138578

HISTORY | As owners of our own property management company we have always had our after hours emergency maintenance calls taken in house by our own team. Everyone hated it, the service suffered because of lack of enthusiasm and we couldn’t get good people to come on board with us because they didn’t want to take on call shifts.

We searched for alternative services but found that they required maintaining another database and required a lot of data entry which just seemed like a lot of work for the cost. That was when we decided that we should create our own tool to scrape relevant data from client Rent Manager software databases, have agents manipulate it and then push it back into their databases. This saved clients a lot of headaches. No duplication. No data entry. Great service.

Once our tool was created we had to share it!

If you are a Rent Manager user and you want a service that can save you time and headaches and give your tenants excellent customer we have the only Rent Manager fully integrated emergency call service product on the market.

If you want headache free after hours emergency maintenance services please call us. We would love to help you.