Scalability as a small company

Back in the days (late 1990’s) there was a trend happening before my very eyes in the transportation and logistics sector. Mom-n-pop forwarders were starting to struggle in the shadows of the “big boys.” We, the big boys, had access to all of the things that were modern and the smaller shops just couldn’t compete.

For instance, one of the big distinguishing characteristics was whether or not a client (like Motorola, Ford, TRW) could see where their cargo was at any time en route. The small shops were relegated to having to call the airlines and see if they could “confirm” the cargo was on board. If it was great you could literally tell your client when they called in. Downside is that the airlines didn’t really know either. Until…scanning and other technologies were applied. And, more importantly, companies like the one I worked for could spend, justifiably 100’s of thousands of dollars to interconnect with the airlines systems.

And it wasn’t that it wasn’t fair, it’s a free market and scaling is simply one of those things that happens to a maturing industry. It’s where property management is, and there are a lot of similarities to what happened to air cargo in the 90’s.

Even back then I’d designed a software and a plan that would have created that infrastructure to resell to the small mom-n-pop shops. It was a fantastic concept, but being in my 20’s I did not have the capital to make it a reality.

Nowadays, however, things are somewhat different. We’ve operated a property management company successfully for about a decade and have always incorporated scale into it. We’ve had processes, procedures, policies, good software, we’ve had remote assistants for almost a decade…we’ve operated pretty efficiently. So as consolidation has moved its way into the industry we decided to resell the scaled versions of everything we have.

Labor being the largest cost of our industry made the remote assistant product the easiest to roll out. Then the biggest headache, late night calls, was next.

Stick around we will be offering more to our product line in the not-too-distant future and your management company will not only appreciate the benefits but will actually make more money because of it right out of the gate.