About us


Rent Response/Anequim was started by husband and wife team Jeremy and Gwenn Aspen out of Omaha Nebraska. Jeremy and Gwenn have been the owners of an Omaha based property management company (Wistar Group) since 2005.


Jeremy got his start in business in the international transportation and logistics field. He worked in Mexico for five years while managing a cargo airline branch. After he met Gwenn they moved to Omaha and started a property management company. Jeremy is a super user of Rent Manager software. He also is on the Zoning Board of Appeals for the City of Omaha. Jeremy loves to fly airplanes, and ride horses with his family.


Gwenn is a graduate of the University of Michigan and began her career in the healthcare IT field. After she moved to Nebraska she worked as a pharmaceutical salesperson to pay the bills while the property management company got off the ground. She is a commissioner on the Coordinating Commission of Post Secondary Education for the state of Nebraska and sits on the boards of two nonprofits. Gwenn also loves to ride horses and spending time outdoors with her family and friends.